Bearstream turbine

Micro hydropower plants

Clean. Renewable. Low cost.

Bearstream turbine

Recover hidden energy sources

Use cases

Lodges & outfitters

Off-grid facilities

Rural communities

River dams

Micro hydropower

Typical metrics


energy generated

The generated energy depends on water flow and water head.


saved per year

Replacing a diesel generator costing an average of $0.33 / kWh.

750t of CO2

saved per year

Replacing a diesel generator releasing 1 ton of CO2 per MWh.

Select estimated energy:

Estimated energy: 150kW

Micro Turbine installation

Fast delivery

Limited civil work

Light and modular

Generally without dam

Low maintenance

Bearstream turbine

Bearstream Installations Worldwide

5 MW

Installed power


Running turbines

Bearstream turbine
North America
Norland Hydroelectric Canada 4 x 130 kW
Montmagny Canada 5 x 400 kW
Moulin Abenakis Canada 2 x 80 kW
Cascade Kingsey Falls Canada 50 kW
Zec Mitchinamecus Canada 50 kW
Pourvoirie Cent Lacs Canada 50 kW
Notawissi Canada 50 kW
Wilderness Lodge Canada 30 kW
Relais Gabriel Canada 30 kW
Pourvoirie Laurentien Canada 30 kW
JB Scott Pourvoirie Canada 18 kW
South America
Guineamayo Peru 400 kW
Carumas Peru 300 kW
Gorgor Peru 300 kW
Sallique Peru 120 kW
Belem HPP Brazil 50 kW
M'Baiki RCA 160 kW
Télimélé Guinea 150 kW
Moulin Bindos France 50 kW
Bearstream turbine

Scalable turbines


Model Flow (m³/sec) Head (m) Power (kW)
LTI66-FF-80 2.1 5.0 76.3
LTI66-FF-50 1.8 3.7 45.6
LTI66-FF-30 1.6 2.8 28.4
LTI100-VF-150 4.2 4.1 144.0
LTI100-VF-90 3.6 3.0 88.0

* Our turbines are scalable and adaptable

Micro hydropower plant

Equipment / BOM

  • Water intake usually combined with a partial diversion work of the river flow;
  • Penstocks (not needed if water fall is within reach);
  • Power regulator;
  • Connecting line;
  • Ventilated container-box for easy-access maintenance;
  • Closing gate;
  • Turbine & Generator.

Power capacity / sizing

  • 10 - 50 kW is sufficient to power a lodge / outfitter;
  • 10 kW powers an average North American home;
  • A 100 kW turbine can supply a small village;
  • 20-50 kW is large enough to supply 100-500 inhabitants off-grid settlements (emerging countries).

Switch from fossil fuel to hydropower

Clean. Renewable. Low cost.

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