Bearstream turbine

Power recovering turbines

Recover energy from Pressure Release Valve (PRV) in mining or industrial facilities using micro turbines

Innovative. Disruptive.

Replacing valves by turbines

Recover dissipated energy

Long life & zero downtime

Save tons of CO2 yearly

Major OPEX savings

Turbine replacing valves

Typical metrics


recovered energy

Assuming 15kW per valve on average


saved per year

Replacing a diesel generator costing an average of $0.33 / kWh.

500t of CO2

saved per year

Replacing a diesel generator releasing 1 ton of CO2 per MWh.

Select number of valves:

5 valves

Bearstream turbine

Energy recovering turbine

Each pressure release valve dissipates an average 15kW of constant energy. A micro turbine can recover that lost energy at low cost, while reducing downtimes.

Typical pressure limit: 50-100 psi
Typical pipe diameter: 4-8 in
At 100 psi pressure flow: 5-50 l/sec
Dissipated energy: 15 kW / valve

Recover dissipated energy

Plug & play. Low cost. Cleantech. Long life.

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